Our client BHEX has completed private sale round

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

The BHex trading platform was founded by Mr. Ju Jianhua, the former CTO of the Huobi Global. The BHex project is aiming to build a platform for decentralized exchange clearance and settlement layer and it has three different modules: “open trading platform, virtual brokerage, and Bluehelix custody clearing technology”. The private sale round of BHex has attracted prominent investors in the field such as Coldlar, Dfund, BlockVC, GBIC, 8 Decimal Capital and Danhua Capital.

BHex founder Ju Jianhua said, “CRC has played a very important role in the private sale round of BHex. We highly recognize the professional investment banking service capability of the entire team not only in the blockchain field, but also in the traditional equity. CRC team is highly immersed in the both traditional finance and cryptoassets, which enables them to quickly understand BHex's existing business and future development vision and ensure the efficient completion of the entire financing process. This fundraising has laid a solid foundation for the continued cooperation between the two parties."

Aaron Zhang, founder of CRC, said, “I am very pleased to have the opportunity to provide financial advisory services to BHex’s private sale round. The development of blockchain and cryptoassets have provided more entrepreneurs like Mr. Ju Jianhua with a high starting point. In the current investment environment, selecting high-quality projects is one of the most critical capabilities of investment banks. CRC will insist on doing the most in-depth industry research and provide the most professional financial advisory services, with a mission to provide first-class institutional investment banking services in the blockchain sector.

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