CRC Capital announces strategic investment in blockchain game platform "Krypton"

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

CRC Capital announces strategic investment in blockchain game platform "Krypton" as part of its "Blockchain Renaissance I" token fund. By reducing the barriers to entry for traditional gamers and developers to the blockchain gaming space, Krypton has already acquired many users and built the world's first gateway to the blockchain game ecosystem.

Blockchain gaming is considered to be the fastest growing field within the blockchain industry and it is one of the spaces with the highest potential to increase blockchain usage. The blockchain technology can be used to reconstruct the traditional gaming and solve the problems of traditional games in terms of fairness, virtual asset ownership, and player participation. However, due to the high threshold for developers and users to enter the space and the limitations of blockchain performance, the development of blockchain games itself faces important bottlenecks.

As the world's first gateway to blockchain game ecosystem, Krypton has a unique business model in which through the linking the traditional gaming and blockchain technology, it integrates game development, distribution, value creation/circulation and other aspects to provide a complete gaming ecosystem. After more than a year of development, Krypton Ball has acquired 1.4 million registered users, generating more than 400,000 NFT assets, with a cumulative number of on-chain transactions exceeding 5 million. At present, the main-net has been successfully launched on the Zilliqa platform, and the Ethereum main-net is also expected to be launched soon.

Jiang Xingfeng, partner of CRC Capital, said that decentralized finance(DE-FI) and gaming have always been considered as the two best application scenarios in the blockchain ecosystem. They have natural digital economic attributes. The Krypton team has a rich experience and demonstrated outstanding performance in traditional games. As they transitioned to the blockchain game development, they have already received investment from well-known institutions such as Danhua Capital(DHVC), Inno Angel, and Zilliqa Foundation. We are looking forward to witness the change that Krypton will bring to the blockchain gaming.

About CRC:

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