CRC Capital announces its investment in Polkadot

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

CRC Capital announces its investment in Polkadot, a cross-chain infrastructure project for Web 3.0. Polkadot aims to reshape the existing blockchain network architecture and create a completely decentralized WEB 3.0 network. It is one of the most anticipated five blockchain projects in the world as of 2019.

It is no secret that there are many technical difficulties in the development of Blockchain that still need to be overcome. The last cryptoasset bull market in 2017 has witnessed the birth of many public chains. Public chain projects have sprung up, but each public chain has different technical characteristics and incompatibility, reducing the inter operability within the blockchain sector. Cross-chain interoperability concept has emerged to replicate the underlying architecture in Web 2.0 TCP/IP protocol, and Polkadot is leading the development in this field.

Polkadot is Web3 Foundation's cross-chain protocol open source project, which seeks to create a heterogeneous cross-chain protocol that addresses interoperability, scalability, and shared security, allowing all public chains to communicate with each other. As the Polkadot vision unfolds, hundreds of public chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, and various DApps will be connected to each other, and the information and value on these chains will be distributed across chains.

Polkadot project founder Gavin Wood is a member of the founding Ethereum Team, the founder of the Ethereum Parity Client and founder of smart-contract language Solidity. Most of the other members of the team are from the core team of Parity and have excessive experiences in blockchain development. Polkadot's investors include well-known venture capital institutions such as Boost VC, Pantera Capital, and Polychain Capital. The current valuation of Polkadot is $1.2 billion, and according to Coinmarketcap data, it can rank among the top 15 in terms of total market capitalization. We, as CRC Capital, are very happy to witness the unfolding Web 3.0 vision and support Polkadot.

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