Blockchain Renaissance I, the token fund of CRC Capital, invests in the the Reserve Protocol

Blockchain Renaissance I, the token fund of CRC Capital, invests in the the Reserve Protocol. The Reserve Protocol is committed to building a stable global currency and digital payment system.

CRC Capital is constantly exploring and supporting projects that bring unique value to the blockchain ecosystem, while also closely tracking the progress of the IEOs on each exchange. To this end, we invested in the decentralized stable currency project, Reserve Protocol. With a strong team, unique mechanism design and deep resource advantages, the Reserve Protocol has become a hot project in the blockchain industry.

Stablecoins are not only an indispensable part of the cryptoasset world, but they are also the only way to reach the mainstream adoption for cryptoassets. At present, there are mainly three representative models for stable currencies. One way is to peg the value of stablecoin to a fiat currency, represented by USDT, etc.; the second mode is employed by MakerDAO which uses cryptoassets as collateral to peg the value of DAI to USD; and the third mode is based on the algorithms to adjust the circulation of the stablecoins. The Reserve Protocol takes a gradual approach that combines the fiat currency-pegged stablecoin model, in which USD and other assets are held by the trust company to back the stablecoin, and ultimately plans to switch modes and decouple from the dollar value. Reserve Protocol has a wide range of application scenarios. The vision is to allow stable currency RSVs to enter thousands of households, especially to solve the instability of inflationary currencies and payment problems faced by some high inflation countries. A recent example being the team currently developing a consumer app to introduce Reserve stablecoin to Venezuela.

The Reserve Protocol team members come from traditional and emerging large technology companies such as Tesla, Google, IBM, etc. In addition to CRC Capital, more than 10 well-known institutions have invested in the Reserve Protocol, including Distributed Capital, NEO Global Capital, Coinbase Ventures, etc. In addition, the Founder of PayPal Peter Thiel, former president of Silicon Valley's famous startup incubator Y Combinator, Sam Altman, are also investors of the project. We are pleased to participate in this vision and witness its contribution to the world of cryptoassets along with major institutions and industry celebrities.

About CRC:

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