Announcing our strategic partners!​

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

CRC announced the strategic investment of a number of institutions including Huobi Global, JLAB, Gobi Partners and Deep Brain Chain

In July 2018, CRC was founded by Mr. Aaron Zhang who is the former head of investment at Huobi Global Strategy Department and former Vice President of CRC. Operating in the field of blockchain sector, the services provided by CRC includes the following:

- Co-design a token economy model for the blockchain projects, - Pitching domestic and foreign crypto funds to assist the token sale event, - A worldwide community, investor and media relationship management, - Complete the listing on major exchanges around the world and provide guidance for follow-up market value management.

Since its establishment, CRC has completed the private equity financing of companies such as BHEX and Shengli Software, which has won unanimous praise from the industry.

Aaron Zhang, the founder of CRC, stated, “The blockchain and cryptoassets provide financial innovation opportunities for the development of startups and the transformation of mature Internet companies. CRC team is experienced at both the traditional equity and blockchain industries. The newly established company can provide professional, international and institutional investment banking services in the blockchain field and we are looking forward to becoming the entrepreneur behind the blockchain entrepreneurs.”

In addition to the announcement of a strategic investment from Huobi Global, JLAB, Gobi Partners and other strategic investment institutions, CRC also has an advisory team composed of former Microsoft China CTO Mr. Li Jiang and former China Renaissance Capital CTO, Mr. Xu Yerun.

Another strategic investor of the CRC, Mr. He Yong, the founder of Deep Brain Chain has stated: “We strongly recognize the professional capabilities of CRC in the world of cryptoassets and traditional equity investment. Deep Brain Chain will launch a series of in-depth cooperation with CRC, including the joint incubation of artificial intelligence projects and the capital management of the DeepToken exchange, etc.”

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